November 25, 2018

Things you should know while hiring a company for bitcoin trading

It is important to get the best company online if you want to get help from them for trading bitcoin. There are different companies which are offering various services to their clients in order to making their experience of trading bitcoin smooth. In this article I will discuss how you will choose a company or website online who is going to help you in your bitcoin trading journey.

What basic services the company should offer to their clients?

They should keep their clients happy no matter what in their all of the investment activities. For withdrawal or deposit, they should provide an easy gateway to every customer. The live stats such as deposits, withdrawals, etc. should not be made public on their website. They have not been programmed into the site development as well. The programming resources should not be into making changes to make a stats portion of the website.

How is interest calculated on Bitcoin deposits?

Interest should be calculated just as any other deposit. Once you deposit Bitcoin, you are depositing a converted cash amount that can be determined at the time of deposit. If you deposit $1800 in Bitcoin, you will earn the set interest rate on $1800 for the entire investment term and can withdraw in Bitcoin.

What happens if the price of Bitcoin rises?

There is some sort of a "risk” on part of both parties, both our company and the user in regards to the bitcoin price fluctuations. In the end, it all balances out with the continuous depositing of new bitcoin members at all different price points. For some users, they may even benefit from the price fluctuation by depositing less bitcoin at a higher rate and then withdrawing more bitcoin at a lower rate because of their deposit.

How to transfer or move money between the buyers and sellers?

The company should have the term to credit you money whenever you will need it. As you will be their potential customer and there is a fair chance of winning money on the transaction process, it would be a plus point if they allow you the option of taking money on loan whenever you run out of money or lose a significant amount of money. This will help the investors to pull out themselves from the frustration and invest their money without any burden.

So, no matter how aggressive or risky the bitcoin trading is seem, actually the investment procedure is simple and fair. With proper assistant and guideline anyone can make profit from the bitcoin trading. So, if you are looking for any reliable company to assist you make sure you have confirmed about the above circumstances.

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November 20, 2018

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was introduced back in 2008 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. Although his identity remains to be a mystery even at present, Nakamoto is heralded as the father of Bitcoin and is responsible for spearheading the revolution in the rise of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin that led to the innovation and improvements of the way we do business.

What makes Bitcoin stand out?

Unlike the fiat currencies that are used in all countries, Bitcoin is intangible since it is transacted over its secure and transparent network online. More importantly, it is not monitored nor regulated by any financial institution or authority, making it free from any manipulation.
However, what truly sets this digital currency apart from the real money we use is that it heavily banks on cryptography to encrypt all transactions made within its network. This makes possible for anonymous transactions, ensuring all parties involved of almost 100% privacy, thus a good currency for binary options trading – Bitcoin binary options. Not only does it guarantee the security and safety of all transactions, it also promises fast and efficient processes.

How easy is it to use Bitcoin?

Using bitcoins requires a wallet aptly called the Bitcoin wallet. It serves as the storage for the digital currency, and it can be used only with bitcoins. Each wallet has a unique wallet address that will be used for sending and receiving funds, and this will technically serve as your main identifier in the network. Therefore, divulging your wallet address in public will affect your anonymity since all transactions within the Bitcoin network can be traced by all users through the blockchain.

Is it legal to use Bitcoin?

With the list of security features, using Bitcoin cannot be any safer. The same can be said about its legality. It delves deeply on what is Bitcoin really. Although some countries have already made efforts to regulate the use of Bitcoin within their territories, this virtual currency remains to be legal in the sense that no law questions the use of Bitcoin as a means of currency. Therefore, so long as your country does not enforce strict rules against the use of bitcoins, feel free to legally use it to pay for products, services, and everything else.

What’s the average wait time for a withdrawal and deposit?

You will get up to 48 hours for withdrawal or deposits on the website terms. Although it is very unlikely you will experience a withdrawal period of more than 8-10 hours at any given moment as the process withdrawals usually twice per 24 hour period.

So, these are few important things you should know if you want to trade bitcoin.

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November 01, 2018

Bitcoin cash ‘CEO’: We won’t need banks anymore

The digital currency Bitсoin, once a toy for computer nerds, is now soaring in price, triggering a new gold rush. Is it just another bubble, or a glimpse into a radically different financial future? We ask Rick Falkvinge, CEO of BitCoin Cash and founder of the Swedish Pirate Party.

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